The Tracklist For Green Day’s Upcoming Album Has Been Revealed

Green Day in concert in 2017. Photo by Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock (9210776p)

One lucky fan received the tracklist for Green Day’s upcoming album Father Of All Motherf***rs and he has shared the listing online.

Green Day’s 13th studio album is due to be released next month. Ahead of the record drop, the band sent one lucky fan a vinyl sleeve in the post. According to, a fan named Jason received the sleeve containing the tracklist, which he then uploaded online.

“Imagine my surprise when an anonymous package, postmarked from California, arrived in my mailbox containing the album we’ve all been waiting for, Green Day’s ‘Father Of All Motherf*****s’ which isn’t due out until February 7, 2020!” Jason wrote.

“Alas, my initial excitement was only slightly dampened when it turned out the package contained just the vinyl sleeve for Green Day’s 13th studio album and did not include any type of insert, but I certainly wasn’t complaining.”

The tracklist of the new album is as follows:

1. Father Of All…
2. Fire, Ready, Aim
3. Oh Yeah!
4. Meet Me On The Roof
5. I Was A Teenage Teenager
6. Stab You In The Heart
7. Sugar Youth
8. Junkies On A High
9. Take The Money And Crawl
10. Graffitia

Father of All Motherf*****s will be released next month.