The Trendiest Coat Color for Fall/Winter 2019/2020

Walk around a mall or browse your favorite online stores and you’ll quickly see one thing that repeats all the time: a green coat. Green coats are everywhere right now and we’re actually loving the trend! Dark green coats seem especially festive and season-appropriate, but there are also other shades that you can wear if you want to introduce some color in your winter wardrobe.

Nearly every high end or high street store has at least one green coat in their newest collection, which clearly states this will be the most popular coat color for this winter, aside from black and neutrals that never go out of style. From mint to deep dark green, you can find virtually any shade you wish for and below are some of the most beautiful coats we noticed so far.

Will you be wearing a green coat this winter or do you prefer some other color that’s maybe not as popular?