The Weirdest Nail Art Trends—That Shouldn’t Exist

Nail polish. The worst nail trends
Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

We’ve seen hundreds of nail art trends over the years, most of which we actually really liked. But some nail trends are so weird or even bizarre, we wish we would never see them again.

Spike Nails

This would probably be a great nail art idea for Halloween because it actually looks cool, but these nails aren’t practical for everyday life.

Pierced Nail

Despite the fact that we actually love piercings, these pierced nails that were all the rage a few of years ago look really weird.

Succulent Art

Growing succulent is great if you’re doing it in your garden, not on your nails. Even though they look very intricate and lovely in photos, they probably wouldn’t last for too long in real life.

Duck Feet Nails

These weird-shaped nails were all the rage a few years ago and we really hope they never come back in style. These wide tips are obviously perfect for nail artists who love being creative, but these are simply not practical.

Caviar Nails

Beads are great for adding texture and details to your nails, but too much of a good thing can actually turn out really bad.