These 2021 Trends Will Inspire Home Décor and Fashion

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Fashion and home décor go hand in hand, and many of the biggest trends can be seen in both. Whether fashion influences home décor or home décor influences fashion, it’s safe to say that when something pops up in one, it’s inevitable that it will become popular in the other. This year, these trends will be super popular in home décor and fashion, so prepare to decorate your home and closets with these prints and patterns.


These fun shapes are appearing everywhere from mirrors and side tables to earrings and dresses. The print is super fun and we can’t help but be reminded of the iconic turquoise and purple squiggly cup from the ’90s.


Vans made this print iconic with they’re grungy, checkerboard slip on shoes and today, we’re seeing the print on everything from coats and sweaters to teapots and rugs. Instead of the classic black and white design, checkerboard pattern now features fun, bright colors and optical illusions.


Fringe comes in and out of fashion, and seeing in it home décor is nothing new. Decorate your home with fringe pillows, fringe rugs, and fringe blankets for a playful, boho look.