These Are the Party Beauty Looks You Need

Red lips
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Once again, party season is almost upon us, and it won’t be long before a flurry of invitations arrives at your door. Use this time to choose your dress and shoes and think about the beautiful looks you’d like to try for Christmas and New Year. You can go classic, sparkly, or try something unexpected for a hint of novelty over the festive period. Check out these beauty looks to see which inspires you for party season.

Sparkle Bright

Christmas and New Year are the one time of year when adult women can get away—in fact, are encouraged—to wear as much glitter as possible. If glitter’s not your thing, there are plenty of other looks to try, but if you’re a fan of the sparkles layer them up as eyeshadows to create a light-catching look.

Glamor Galore

It wouldn’t be Christmas without somebody turning up to the party with a stunning classic red lip and a sharp cat-eye look. Practice getting your eyeliner perfect now, so on the day you just need to worry about turning up and wowing everyone.

Yule Tide Fun

Why not subvert expectations of glitter and glamor, with a simple pop of color? Check out this stripped-back beauty look, which allows all the attention to focus on the bright orange lips. Orange is a shade more associated with summer, but who says it can’t spark some Christmas joy? Also, this beauty look requires minimal top-ups, so you’ll be free to enjoy drinking and dancing all night long.