These Are the Trendiest Healthy Snacks Right Now

Photo by Sébastien Marchand on Unsplash

The selection of healthy snacks today is bigger than ever but some are more popular than others. If you’re wondering what are the trendiest healthies snacks you could try, here’s our list.

Protein Snacks

More and more snacks are getting new versions that are packed with protein. From chips to everything sweet, you can now get more protein in your favorite snack than ever before.


It’s hard not to love mushrooms. They are delicious, low-carb, gluten-free, and come in so many shapes and forms for every taste!

Low-Sugar Yogurts

The days of sugar-free yogurts with artificial sweeteners are behind us. Today, companies are being more transparent by adding small amounts of real sugar and writing so on the label.


But not just any chips. If we may say, a healthy chips revolution is happening right now. It started with baked chips and kale chips, and now you can get incredibly healthy and tasty rice chips, quinoa chips, lentil chips, etc.