These Were TikTok’s Trendiest Foods in 2020

Tiktok has given us tons of amazing food hacks and trends like pancake cereal, whipped coffee, cloud bread, and mug cakes, and with all these foods, which ones were the most popular in 2020? TikTok just unveiled the Year on TikTok: Top 100 which gives a look into the top videos, memes, music, and creators of the past 12 months, and several foods made the list.

So many foods made the list that the TikTok team broke the list down into categories and gave the top food recipes, trends, and hacks of 2020 their own list. Trendy foods became even bigger on TikTok once the COVID-19 pandemic started and everyone suddenly became a master in the kitchen. Before long people started posting interesting recipes, modern takes on classic snacks, and food hacks to help people find a hobby while social distancing.

Are you wondering what made the top 10 spots on TikTok’s trendiest foods? What was the No. 1 food? Keep on reading to see!

10. DIY hazelnut spread

9. How to make chocolate…from scratch

8. Ice cream cake

7. Eating cream cheese and bell peppers

6. Ramsay reacts

5. Donut cereal

4. Oddly satisfying for the BBQ lovers amongst us

3. Banana bread

2. Whipped coffee

1. Pancake cereal