This Is the Only Type of Shoes You’ll Need This Summer

Flip-flops are so common that nearly all of us have at least one pair that we wear to the beach or simply when it’s too hot for anything else. But did you know that they are the hottest shoe trend for summer 2021? You can get one perfect pair of flip-flops and forget about all the other summer shoes. Here’s how to pick them.

This summer, it will be possible to wear flip-flops everywhere and stay stylish. They now come in an oversized look that reminds us a lot about some recent shoe trends, like chunky sneakers. Chunky flip-flops are the only logical thing to wear once it gets hot, and it all began with the brand The Row and their Ginza sandals. They are simple and elegant, so naturally, high-street brands like Zara and Mango were quick to follow suit.

It may seem like it’s still too early to think about summer sandals, but the hot weather will be here before you know it. It’s the right time to browse the new styles and shop for your favorites before they sell out. Scroll down to see some examples of this comfy new style and all the different outfits you can wear it with.