This Makeup Brand is Selling Beauty Palettes Inspired By Retro Cookie Tins

You know that feeling when you reach for a cookie tin, hoping you’ll get to enjoy a delicious treat, only to find sewing supplies inside? This is a universal experience we’ve all had to deal with as kids—and Kara Beauty launched a beauty palette that will transport you to that time.

Kara Beauty is an affordable, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty brand, launched in 2011 in Los Angeles. They are dedicated to celebrating the power of self-expression through playful, daring, and colorful makeup, including their viral Cookie Tin Creative Beauty Palette.

Described as Kara Beauty’s version of the illusive cookie tin, this beauty palette put this brand on the map and its nostalgic quality is the main reason behind its popularity.

“We’ve all fallen for the oldest trick in the book. We reach for the cookie tin, hoping for a delicious treat, but quickly discover a tin full of sewing supplies… Go for the granny vibe, and fool everyone with your own cookie storage tin!” reads Kara Beauty’s official website.

This beauty palette looks just like a regular cookie tin from the outside, but the real magic starts once you open it up. It’s filled with 14 colorful eyeshadows, a custom push-pin beauty blender, and two mini eyeshadow brushes, taking the shape of sawing supplies we all dreaded finding inside a cookie tin as kids.