This Valencia Restaurant Will Be the Next Instagram Hit

Some places are destined to become “Instagram famous” as soon as they’re open. Many restaurants, cafes, and hotels are trying to replicate the formulas that Instagram users liked in the past, but some try the original approach and wow everyone. This is the case with the new restaurant in Valencia, Spain, called La Sastreria.

The restaurant’s interior was designed by creative studio Masquespacio, known for its quirky and modern design solutions. Going overboard is their signature style, but they are the experts in knowing when it’s enough. La Sastreria is completely covered in small square tiles. The whole place has a cartoon-ish vibe that we love so much.

The designers didn’t just choose the tiles because they look great in photos. They are actually an homage to the buildings in the neighborhood. The chairs should remind everyone of the foldable chairs the locals used to get out during warm summer evenings. The blue part of the restaurant is inspired by the ocean. The restaurant offers delicious seafood, among other things.

We’re sure you’re going to see this restaurant a lot on social media this winter and spring!