TikTok Users Are Drinking Lettuce Water to Sleep Better

Do lettuce water improve sleep quality?
Photo by Terry Jaskiw on Unsplash

Most TikTok users are open to trying new food, drinks, and hacks that promise great results, even those that seem a bit weird at first. One of the latest wellness trends on TikTok involves drinking lettuce water in order to promote sleep quality, so pretty much everyone on TikTok is now sipping on this beverage.

TikTok influencer Shapla Hoque shared a video on this beverage a month ago, and people have been raving about lettuce water ever since. Hoque’s video has more than 1.4 million views and 14.2k likes so far. The main reason people are going crazy for this drink is because it can supposedly help us fall asleep faster and improve our sleep. But is this really true?

This trend was probably inspired by studies that show that certain chemicals in romaine lettuce, such as lactucin and lactucarium, can have calming effects and support sleep. However, this research was conducted on mice, so there’s still no evidence that drinking lettuce water can improve sleep quality.

Most dietitians seem to agree that if people feel drowsy after drinking lettuce water that’s probably due to the placebo effect. On the other hand, there’s no harm in trying this intriguing beverage. You can make it at home by pouring hot water on top of lettuce leaves and leaving it for 10 minutes.