“Timeless” Fashion is Officially In

Classic style
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

A common theme that has been noticed throughout a lot of the fashion trends recently is what is being referred to as “timeless fashion”. What this means is simple, quality items that won’t go out of style. Across catwalks this season were tailored white shirts, well-cut jeans, and long black coats. Here’s why the popularity of these timeless pieces is exactly what’s needed.  

Alternative to “Fast Fashion”

Fast fashion is when a certain style becomes trendy for a season and everyone rushes to buy pieces to fit this style, only for it to not be in the next season. Those previously trendy items are disposed of, to be replaced by the new season pieces. This cycle continues as long as these trends keep changing, but this is terrible for environmental impact and sustainability. The fact that these pieces which are designed not to go out of fashion are on-trend is a great way to avoid the mass production and disposal of clothing.

Ideal for Creating Easy Fashion Looks

For those out there who love wearing the latest trends, knowing that they’re simple, easy-to-wear pieces will be amazing to hear. There’s no need to worry about complicated styles, just choose some flattering pieces that you feel confident and comfortable in, while still being super trendy.