Toe-Dip Trips Are The Next Big Thing

Toe dip trip is a new term, coined by Travelocity, which defines short post-pandemic trips that are supposed to boost our travel confidence again before we embark on longer travels again. Before you plan your next vacation, read on to find out why planning a toe-dip trip is a great idea.

Stay Local

If you still don’t feel safe boarding an airplane and visiting far-away destinations, which is totally normal, planning a domestic trip is a great idea. There are probably many wonderful places within a day’s drive you still haven’t had a chance to visit, so now is the perfect opportunity.

Stay Safe

Even if you’re vaccinated, it’s important to keep in mind that travel is not perfectly safe yet. Safety should still be our main concern which is why toe-dip trips will be popular this season. Staying closer to home and traveling by car is the perfect choice if you haven’t traveled in a while and want to restore confidence in travel.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

So where exactly are people planning their toe-dip trips? This depends on where you live and it can include everything from traveling to a nearby mountain, lake, or resort to trying new activities such as paddle boarding or scuba diving.