Top 3 Products From MAC Cosmetics’ Retro “Stranger Things” Makeup Line

Season 4 of Stranger Things is just a few days away and MAC Cosmetics found a perfect way to mark the occasion. They’re celebrating the upcoming season with a brand-new collection inspired by the beloved Netflix series and here are some of the best products this makeup line has in store.

The Void Eye Palette

No makeup collection is complete without an amazing makeup palette and this one has several in store. If you prefer darker eye looks, MAC Cosmetics will win you over with this palette that will transport you straight to the Upside Down with its eight dark shades.

Hawkins Class of 1986 Eye Palette

If you’re not a huge fan of dark eye makeup and want a palette with a more offbeat vibe, don’t despair. MAC Cosmetics’ Stranger Things collection has just the thing you need. You’ll be wowed by the retro factor of this vibrant palette that has the power to transport you to the halls of Hawkins High.

Lip Glosses

Lip products in this collection are as nostalgic as eye palettes. MAC Cosmetics is celebrating Season 4 with a series of lip glosses in bright and subversive shades with a gloss-like finish, that pay homage to our favorite Stranger Things heroines.