Top 3 Travel Trends Worth Trying in 2024, According to Expedia

Wiang Kum Kam, Thailand
Wiang Kum Kam, Thailand. Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

It’s never too early to start making your travel plans for the next year, and Expedia is here to help you out. The online travel agency unveiled its list of the top trends worth trying in 2024, and here are three that piqued our interest.


Set-jetting, aka using movies and TV shows for travel inspiration, will be one of the biggest travel trends of 2024, and Expedia offered several possible destinations worth exploring. Thailand (The White Lotus: Season 3), Romania (Wednesday: Season 2), Malta (Gladiator 2), Scottish Highlands (Outlander), and Greece (Argylle) made it to their list this year.

Tour Tourism

Tour tourism became all the rage in 2023 thanks to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour and Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, and its popularity isn’t fading away. According to Expedia’s survey, 70% of respondents are more likely to travel to a concert outside their own town, with over 40% saying they’d travel for a concert as an excuse to visit a new place.

Destination Dupes

This travel trend is all about exploring destinations that offer an affordable alternative to popular tourist attractions. Paros, Taipei, Liverpool, and Pattaya have been suggested as dupes for Santorini, Seoul, London, and Bangkok because they’re “a little unexpected, sometimes more affordable, and every bit as delightful.”