#Trashtag Is A Social Media Trend That Actually Makes a Difference

When you hear the words “social media trend”, you probably think that something bad happened again, right? Not this time. #Trashtag is the latest popular challenge that makes people clean their surrounding and post the “before and after” photos on social media to inspire others.

Many families and groups of friends joined the challenge and started cleaning around them. Parks, beaches, and the road sides are getting clean and social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are filled with photos that prove it.

The #trashtag hashtag has been around since 2016, but it only recently became popular. It’s different from other challenge hashtags in many ways — it promotes spending time outdoors and doing something good for nature, among other things.

You can join the movement without having to post anything on social media and make the world around you a little bit better. Of course, you can also post some photos and inspire others to do the same.