Want to Explore The Kitchiest Hotels? This Instagram Account is For You

Are you the kind of traveler who wants more than just a place to sleep, but an experience that’s out of the ordinary? If the answer is yes, then the Instagram account A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour is for you. This account will be your ultimate guide to the world’s kitschiest, quirkiest hotels.

The Dynamic Duo Behind the Lens

The creative force behind this popular Instagram account, with over 564K followers and 1.3 million followers on TikTok, are Margaret and Corey Bienert. This couple isn’t just about capturing cool hotels. They are storytellers who bring the essence of each unique stay to life. 

A Journey Through Unconventional Stays

Margaret and Corey’s journey takes them through an array of offbeat destinations. From theme hotels and vintage resorts to adults-only fantasy suites, their account is a treasure trove of places that defy the ordinary. 

More Than Just an Instagram Account

Recently, the Bienerts expanded their venture into the literary world with their new book, Hotel Kitsch. This book is a collection of their favorite stops, filled with captivating photographs. The book is a great source of inspiration for decor ideas and a unique travel bucket list. And if you’re planning your next quirky getaway, the book even includes a handy hotel directory, categorizing stays by unique amenities.