White Buttoned Shirt is a Must-Have Fall Fashion Item

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

Somebody once said that people shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day and it stuck for years. This is just one of many fashion “rules” that we abandoned in recent years because they don’t make much sense.

Why wouldn’t you wear white all year long? There’s no single reason not to include white garments into any outfit you want—they are basic, versatile, and always look clean and elegant. This is especially true for a white buttoned shirt. You can wear it in many different outfits and you will always look great.

Layer it under a vest, cardigan, coat, or a blazer—this will depend on the kind of look you want to achieve. Blazers can be combined with a white shirt for a business look or, if you add some brighter makeup and fun jewelry, for a night out with the girls. If your dress code at work is more casual, throw a cozy cardigan over your white shirt.  

Simple, classic, and elegant, a white shirt is something everybody needs in their closet. Designers have created thousands of versions of it and it’s only up to you to choose the one that fits your style best. You will find many different white shirts in stores this fall.