White Sneakers Are the New Wardrobe Must-Have

White sneakers
Photo by Sarah Mason on Unsplash

A nice, casual shoe has always been a staple in any wardrobe. But in recent years, there’s one casual shoe that has become the ultimate staple that everybody just has to have: the white sneaker. Endlessly comfortable to walk around and do activities in, versatile enough to go with any outfit, and hip enough to make you look cool, white sneakers—whether they’re chunky or minimal, platform or flat—are a necessity. Here are just a few ways to wear them.

Bare Basics

Don’t feel like pulling together a fancy outfit but still want to look cute this summer? A basic pair of jean shorts with a white tank top and white sneakers can make you look pulled together and effortless.

Dress It Down

Want to make a girly dress look more casual and dressed-down? Throw on some white sneakers and you can immediately make a formal-ish look into a super chill one.


Sneakers are, after all, athletic wear, so why not lean into that vibe by wearing them with a cute athleisure outfit to stay super comfy while walking around town or doing your errands?