Why is “Roman Empire” Trending on TikTok?

Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Colosseum, Rome, Italy. Photo by David Köhler on Unsplash

TikTok has given us many viral trends over the years, and one of its latest will be your cup of tea if you’re a history buff at heart. “Roman Empire” is currently trending across TikTok and other social media platforms, but what is this craze all about and how did it start?

The “Roman Empire” craze can be traced to Gaius Flavius, a Roman reenactor based in Sweden. Back in August, he posted an Instagram video prompting women to ask the men in their lives how often they think about the Roman Empire, and promised they’ll surprised by the answers.

Many Instagram and TikTok users followed his advice and asked the men in their lives how often they think about the Roman Empire, filming their hilarious answers along the way. The answers varied from a few times a day to once a week, and many of them received millions of views on TikTok.


the roman empire is actually fascinating

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Historians tried to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, as well, explaining that the Roman Empire often pops into our minds due to its fascinating history, classic architecture, and military strategies that shaped it. Some pointed out that this fascination isn’t gender-specific, since many women think about the Roman Empire quite often, while others singled out several historical events that women ponder in equal measure, such as the Salem Witch Trials.

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