Would You Wear a Wearable Keyboard on Your Fingers?

Image by @tapwith.us / Instagram

If you often find yourself tapping on a table with your fingers, this new trend might sound good to you. “Tap” wearable keyboards are becoming a thing. They are made out of a series of connected rings which you wear on your fingers. As you ‘type’, they translate your finger movement into text or predetermined commands.

Tap can also function as a mouse, promising a smooth experience when used with phones and tablets.

How does it work?

Tap is actually similar to chording keyboards. Single keys can have various outputs, instead of being dedicated to only one output like physical keys often are. The product itself is revolutionary because it can turn pretty much any surface into a keyboard. All it takes is that the device is capable of sensing your fingers tapping on a surface, and it’s good to go. The current model offers a battery that can last for eight hours which should be enough for an average workday. When it gets empty, you can simply charge it inside its carrying case.

Would you wear a wearable keyboard?