Yoga Skin: The Latest Beauty Craze That’s Overtaking Instagram

2018 was all about glass skin but this flawless and perfectly polished look is a thing of the past. Yoga skin is taking Instagram by storm, and it offers a more effortless approach to makeup that we welcome with open arms.

British makeup artist Sarah Hill was the one who kick-started this trend. She came up with this beauty technique because she wanted to show us it’s possible to easily achieve a natural glowing complexion.

“It differs from glass skin because it’s not polished perfection. It’s skin that looks real, raw, healthy, hydrated and glowing. It’s about beautiful skin, great skincare and embracing the no makeup makeup vibe,” explained Hill.

The best thing about yoga skin is that you don’t have to spend eternity in makeup chair if you want to look glowing and radiant. Adding a few drops of facial oil and liquid highlighter into your water based foundation is all it takes – and you can easily do it on your own!