Your Personal Foodie Guide To Tokyo

Photo by Alva Pratt on Unsplash

If you are soon traveling to Japan, you have to prepare to try out so many delicious foods. This foodie guide to Tokyo will help you figure out which are the best traditional meals you must try. They are all unique and best prepared in their country.


There is no way that you can visit Tokyo and not try their most popular traditional food. Sushi comes in many shapes and forms, it’s yours to choose. You might think that you’ve already had a good sushi in another country, but nothing comes close to the original.


Wagashi is not a single food. It is a full range of sweets, depending on the season and the location. You will find so many tasty choices, and you’ll enjoy all of them.


If you like chicken, yakitori is the traditional Japanese food for you. It is definitely a must-have on a foodie guide to Tokyo. The meat is prepared on a charcoal grill and served with special sauces. You can choose from several different options.


Ramen are amazing, but have you tried udon? This is another essential on the foodie guide to Tokyo. These are noodles that can be served in many different ways.