2D Comic Book Manicures Are Everyone’s Favorite Nail Art Trend Right Now

Nail art
Image by elena1110/Depositphotos

2022 has given us countless amazing nail art trends and we’re ending the year with one of the very best. Instead of opting for festive holiday-ready manicures, everyone seems to be going crazy for 2D nail art looks that look straight out of a comic book.

2D nails, also known as cartoon and comic book nails, are all about mimicking comic book drawings, through simple black-and-white lines. To achieve this effect, nail artists simply paint black and white lines around the parameters of the nail, while everything else is up to your imagination.

The most basic version of 2D nails usually comes in neutral colors, such as white and beige, and with a matte finish. This is a popular choice because it’s the most reminiscent of comic book drawings and perfectly mimics the look of paper, but it’s only one of the countless variations of this viral craze.

If you want your 2D manicure to truly pop, you can opt for many different colors, or even paint each nail in a different color to give it a rainbow vibe. French 2D manicures are also becoming increasingly popular. Ditching a matte finish is also an option if you want to give your nails a glossy finish or add some glitter to the mix.