3 Color Trends You Will See Everywhere This Summer

Woman in a green dress in a field
Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

If you spent the past year mostly at home wearing whatever’s comfortable, we totally understand the desire to finally dress up to go out! After many months of having nowhere to go, it seems that everyone’s over neutral colors and we just want to finally wear colorful outfits and enjoy life again. Here are three colors that will be super popular this summer.


Any shade of green is a great choice for the summer ahead of us. The most popular shade is a bright green that’s in many high street collections and everywhere on Instagram. You can pick a skirt, a jacket, or pants in green and be sure you will be noticed wherever you go.


This shade is known as royal orange and it’s probably the most flattering orange shade that can be worn by pretty much anyone. Orange suits, dresses, and blouses will be hot this summer!

Pale Yellow

This trendy color isn’t as bright as the others, and it looks like something perfect for the summer months. You can wear it alone as a dress or a jumpsuit, but it can also be combined with many different colors and turned into interesting, modern outfits.