3 Fashion Trends That Are Fading This Summer

Kim Kardashian wearing bike shorts in 2018.
Kim Kardashian wearing bike shorts in 2018. Photo by Shutterstock (9360462a)

As Heidi Klum told us in every episode of Project Runway for 18 seasons, “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” Well, the same thing applies to both trends and designers. As quickly as new trends come into style, old ones come out. Here’s an example of three summer fashion trends that you may still have in your wardrobe that are no longer in style the way they once were.

Bike Shorts

Starting with a few years ago, when paparazzi pics of Kim Kardashian West wearing bike shorts made a huge splash in the fashion scene, with everybody first hating and ultimately embracing them, bike shorts have been a modern wardrobe staple for a while. But this year, they’re fading out in favor of looser, baggier shorts.

Tight Tops

Similarly, the silhouette of a clingy summer top isn’t so much in style right now. Instead, people are favoring looser, more billowy, and romantic silhouettes on top, a la the huge cottage core trend that’s still sticking around.

Slip Dresses

Lastly, there’s slip dresses, a pretty recent trend with an apparently very short life cycle. Again, this summer, people are less about the clingy clothing and more into airy dresses that you can imagine frolicking in a field in.