3 Fashion Trends to Get Excited About This Season

Polo shirt
Photo by Julia Kutsaeva on Unsplash

As the seasons turn there’s always a lot to look forward to. Changes in the weather and daylight keep us on our toes, and with these seasonal changes, we see new styles and trends in fashion. While fall and winter fashion are great for layering and being cozy, the spring and summer collections bring fresh, fun trends to the table.

Sheer Skirts

This trend has been around throughout the fall and winter periods and seems to keep increasing in popularity. There are so many ways to style this look, whether you opt for a sheer layer over some trousers or go for a more daring look with just some stylish underwear. 

Polo Shirts

This casual yet cool item was seen all over the runways for the spring and summer collections. Again, this is a piece that can be tailored to suit personal tastes. You can create a fun, preppy look with a mini-skirt and blazer, or try clashing prints and colors for a high-fashion look.

Short Shorts

If this phrase fills you with concern, then don’t fear – the shorts seen in various collections were classy and mature. They do show a lot of leg but were paired with boxy blazers, tall boots, and crisp shirts for a smart and chic look.