3 Great, Affordable Fashion Trends for the New Year

The latest fashion trends aren’t always easy on your wallet. Following all the new trends can get really expensive, so here are some of the more affordable styles you can wear through 2021.

Ripped Jeans

Do you miss ripped jeans? We’re seeing denim trends go around in circles and the ripped jeans are now back in style. They are made by various brands so they come at different price ranges, and you can easily pick among the more affordable ones if you want.

Bubblegum Pink Color

Bubblegum Pink will be the most popular shade of pink in 2021 and you can already get the items in this color without breaking the bank. It’s a great option for adding some color to your wardrobe and it looks pretty and feminine no matter how you combine it.


We love that relaxed cuts are in trend right now, and the most comfortable of them are the sweatpants. You can wear them in surprisingly many ways—from matching hoodies to sweaters and other kinds of tops, anything goes.