3 Huge Fashion Trends for This Fall

Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Instagram has been our number one source these days as we get to see what people around the world are wearing. These are the three fall trends we noticed will be huge in the coming months, so let’s check them out.

Statement Collar

A big collar, also known as Peter Pan collar, is one of the things we see in photos and videos from the 80s. It’s now back and it embellishes various clothing items. From dresses to shirts, knits, and cardigans, you can get all of that with a big collar now or you can buy a detachable collar and combine it with the items you already have.

Colorful Trench Coats

A trench coat is a classic fall piece, but this year it comes in a variety of beautiful colors. We’re not exactly talking about brights, but you can experiment with shades of olive, gray, red, etc. instead of the usual nude.

Basket Bags

Yes, they are typically worn in summer, but there’s no reason you can’t wear your favorite basket bag in the fall, too. It’s pretty neutral and will work great with any fall outfit just like it does with your sundresses.