3 Instagram Updates You’ll Notice in Your App

There are some big changes going on on Instagram and if you don’t already have the new features in your app you’re about to get them soon. Not all users agree that these changes are in the right direction, but we’ll have to get used to them if we want to continue using the most popular social media platform. Here are three changes you can expect.

New Post Button

The “new post” button is no longer in the middle of the bottom row when you’re in the app. It was moved and replaced with TikTok clone Reels. It will lead you to a page where you can infinitely explore new content.

Notifications Tab

Right next to the “new post” button was the notifications tab, but it’s also not there anymore. The same button now leads to a“shopping” section of the app where you can see the best deals from accounts you like.


Another big change is that you can no longer use Instagram’s DMs for messaging. Instead, the same button now features the Facebook Messenger logo and leads you to the Messenger app because Instagram’s chats are now integrated in it.