3 Leading TV Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

Screenshot from "WandaVision | Official Trailer | Disney+" via Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

It’s still early to tell if 2021 will be a good year for TV, especially after many shows delayed their production or ended up being canceled in the face of the global pandemic. Yes, some exciting new projects are still coming our way and many of them seem to follow a similar formula.

Reality TV

Love it or hate it, reality TV will be all the rage in 2021, and even streaming services are fully embracing it. Netflix already has a couple of hits on their hands, including Love is Blind and The Circle, and Hulu is ready to get into the game after signing deals with the Kardashian and D’Amelio family.

Disney+ Boom

The Mandalorian is arguably the only hit show that Disney+ gave us since its launch in 2019, but that’s about to change. Many of the Marvel and Star Wars series we’ve been waiting for will finally premiere in 2021, starting with WandaVision.

Endless Reboots

Reboots are certainly not a novelty on the TV scene, and they’ll be going stronger than ever in 2021. HBO Max recently announced they’re bringing Sex and the City back, and the reboots of Gossip Girl, Clueless, and LOTR are already on the way.