3 Principles for Having a Beautiful, Trendy Home

Photo by Erick Lee Hodge on Unsplash

Home design trends change often, but that doesn’t mean you need to invest your time and money in new things every season if you want to have a beautiful, up-to-date home. All you need is to follow these three principles and you can then just switch up small decor pieces when you feel inspired for it.


This word has a different meaning for everyone, but what we mean by it is that you shouldn’t keep things that you don’t use or love. Having enough room to actually live in your home can be much more satisfying than skipping over a pile of stuff every time you want to do something. Minimalism can also reflect in colors so if you stick to a minimal color palette your home can look neat and modern at all times.


Utilize the natural light in the best way you can and think about the best lighting solutions for your own needs. It’s incredible what proper lighting can do for a home!


This goes hand-in-hand with minimalism—learn to appreciate the space. Not every corner needs to be filled up with furniture and not every surface requires decor items on it. The more free space you have, the freer you will feel at your home and you can even create an illusion of your home being bigger than it actually is.