3 Spooky Makeup Collections That You Need in Your Life This Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and our favorite beauty brands are as ready for this holiday as we are. They dropped some pretty spooky, pop culture-inspired makeup collections just in time for this scary holiday, and here are three of our personal favorites.

Revolution – The Treehouse of Horror

If The Treehouse of Horror episodes happens to be your favorite part of The Simpsons, you’ll love Revolution’s latest makeup collection. It features a wide range of spooky products that pay homage to the beloved animated series, including eyeshadow palettes inspired by individual characters and the show itself.

Hip Dot – Addams Family

Nostalgic, pop culture-themed makeup collections are Hip Dot’s specialty, so it’s not surprising to see them drop another one just in time for Halloween. Their Addams Family line is as spooky as it gets, and it features all the makeup products you’ll need to channel your inner Morticia Addams.

ColourPop – Hocus Pocus

ColourPop made quite a splash with their first Hocus Pocus collection, and they’re bringing it back just in time for Halloween. The second drop is just as impressive as the first, and it offers the perfect balance between light and dark tones that every makeup collection should aspire to.