3 TV Shows to Watch After Netflix’s Hit Mini-Series “Maid”

Margaret Qualley in
Margaret Qualley in "Maid"

Maid is Netflix’s latest smash hit and it’s set to dethrone The Queen’s Gambit as the most-watched mini-series on this streaming platform. If you’ve been moved by this story about the struggles of single motherhood, here are three similar shows that you should watch next.


SMILF and Maid have a very different tone, but they explore a pretty similar subject matter. Both shows follow single mothers trying to make ends meet while dealing with their dysfunctional families and trying to handle the loneliness that comes with being a single parent.

The Letdown

The Letdown doesn’t center on a single mother, but it perfectly captures the struggles of motherhood. From dealing with shifting relationship dynamics to learning how to do the best for your kid, both shows explore some of the similar themes that many new moms will relate to.

Ginny & Georgia

Ginny and Georgia is much more light-hearted than Maid, but they’re pretty similar when you peek beneath the surface. Maid’s Alex worked all sorts of jobs and fled an abusive situation to take care of her daughter just like Georgia, but she also had to deal with growing up with her free-spirited mother, just like Ginny.