3 Unexpected Makeup Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere Right Now

Most trends in the makeup industry are pretty easy to predict if you pay close attention, but some of them truly come out of nowhere. This summer has given us several cosmetics industry trends that caught us off guard and these three fall under that category.

Food-Inspired Collections

After giving us countless pop-culture-themed collections, makeup brands are turning to food for inspiration. From Hip Dot’s new line inspired by Girl Scout cookies to Glamlite’s Frosted Flakes-themed line and Nails Inc’s collaboration with Magnum ice cream, food-inspired lines are ruling the beauty industry.

Rock and Roll-Themed Lines

Rock’n’roll-themed makeup lines are also all the rage right now. Rock and Roll Beauty has been putting them on the map for quite some time and they welcomed summer with the Def Leppard collection. HipDot also hopped on this trend by collaborating with My Chemical Romance.

Affordable Celebrity Lines

Celebrity makeup and skincare lines have become somewhat of a cash grab in recent years, with every Hollywood star on the face of the Earth starting their own. That’s why it’s been so refreshing to see a couple of affordable new launches this summer, including Halsey’s af94 and Ashely Tisdale’s FrenShe.