3 Ways to Lean Into the “Curated Chaos” Trend

Photo by Leisara Studio on Unsplash

Many style and trend experts are calling 2024 the year of “curated chaos”, but what does this term even mean and how will it affect how we all dress, work and live? The idea has its roots in the pandemic, as many people predicted that post-lockdown, society would want to let its hair down and have a ball. This hasn’t quite gone to plan, but curated chaos is in line with an ethos that prioritizes having a good time, no matter how sweaty or disheveled you get. Here, check out three ways to get the curated chaos look.

Wet/Greasy Hair

Wet-look hair has been big news for a while now, but 2024 will see this pushed to its furthest extremes with hair styling which looks downright greasy. It’s meant to demonstrate that you’re just so carefree and having too much fun to bother with things like showering, but understandably this look won’t be for everyone. If you do want to try it, hair oil is your friend. Once you’ve shampooed, layer it through your hair and allow it to dry naturally, applying more hair oil if you think the grease isn’t quite intense enough.

Overspilling Bags

Bags that were stuffed to the brim (and sometimes overspilling) caused quite a stir on the autumn/winter catwalks, with some heralding the look as a realistic trend for real women. In 2024, it seems that you’ll be bang on trend if you normally go everywhere with a bulging bag containing most of your possessions (more chaos, less curated, some might say). If you’re not sure you want to reveal the contents of your handbag to strangers, another trend point to take away is that big bags are back.

Crumpled Clothing

Curated chaos is certainly not a trend for the perfectionists among us. Another look that will be big news this year is crumpled clothing, so great news if you’re not a fan of ironing. The tricky part is hitting that sweet spot, so you look chic and relaxed in a gently crumpled linen shirt, rather than frazzled and fatigued in already-worn clothes!