5 DIY Fashion Trends to Try This Summer

Crochet top
Image by Lux_Aeterna from Pixabay

This summer, the hottest trends in fashion have one thing in common—they’re all DIY styles. During the pandemic, DIY fashion became super popular and people started spending their time getting creative and hitting up the arts and crafts stores. Instead of buying these fashion trends, why not make them? Here are five fashion trends to get your creative juices flowing.


This ’70s trend was all over the runway and crochet dresses are all the rage. We’re seeing crochet tops, bags, hats, and even swimwear.

Summer Camp Jewelry

Summer camp jewelry is super easy to make—all you need is plastic pony beads and charms to embody this fun, nostalgic trend.


Another summer—more tie-dye. This ’60s hippie-inspired trend is a family-friendly DIY project and it can bring new life to your dingy white clothes.

Patchwork Denim

This trend requires some sewing skills, but it’s a great way to upcycle old or thrifted jeans. Even celebrities like Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez have been rocking patchwork denim.

Beaded Phone Charms

Another DIY project that uses beads, phone charms are the best way to accessorize your phone and give it a bit of personality. Plus, they’re showing up everywhere.