5 Festive Trends That H&M Home Swears By This Holiday Season

H&M Home always did a great job setting the stage for the holiday season, and they’ll certainly help you transform your home into a cozy winter wonderland this year. Several festive trends emerged on their Instagram page in recent weeks, and here are five worth embracing this holiday season.

Natural Materials

Inviting natural materials into your home is always a good idea, and it will give your holiday décor a rustic feel. Paper displays are a huge hit with the H&M Home shoppers, and you can put them together on your own.

Disco Fever

If you want to create a festive atmosphere with a touch of retro charm in your home, H&M Home offers a wide range of dazzling disco-themed ornaments to choose from.

Black & White

Minimalistic home décor has been going strong for quite some time, and it heavily relies on the black-and-white color combo. If you’re in the mood to put a modern twist on your holiday decorations, these classic shades will get you there.


This rising trend is all about using candy-themed decorations to put a playful twist on your holiday décor, and candy canes are especially popular with H&M Home’s designers.

No Room Off Limits

Most people only decorate their living room once holidays arrive and call it a day, but no room should be off limits according to H&M Home—not even your kitchen and bathroom.