5 Haircuts That Prove “The Shag” Is A Hairstyle For Everyone

The shag haircut is a style that flatters all face shapes and all styles. It’s a timeless cut that just so happens to be trending harder than ever this season. Here’s all the shag inspo you need to book your next appointment at the salon.

The Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has been rocking the shag cut since she slid out the womb. Her loose, messy waves are her signature style. Instead of bangs, Chung frames her face with shorter, choppy layers.

The Long, Curly Shag

Long, curly hair makes for a gorgeous shag haircut. Rather than busting out the flat iron, embrace your curly fringe for a liberated, relaxed hairstyle.

The Balayage Shag

For a more polished shag cut, treat your waves to balayage coloring. It is a great way to splash some natural-looking highlights in your hair and embrace a relaxed yet elegant style.

The Florence

Florence Welch is another champion of the shag. She rocks major bangs and lets her natural waves run wild. The shag works perfectly with the Stevie Nicks fashion vibes she has going on.

The Wild Shag

If you are fan of all things edgy, pair your messy shag with a bold new coloring. We’re obsessed with this dusty pink, choppy cut which screams “I don’t care what you think.”