5 Maximalist Trends to Help You Transition from Summer to Fall

Color clashing. A fall maximalist trend.
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

This in-between time where it’s still pretty warm outside, but back-to-school season has started and it’s starting to get cooler, is hard to dress for. While we want to wear fun summer colors all year round, it’s time to transition your fall wardrobe. These maximalist trends work effortlessly for the end of summer and into fall.

Bold Cowboy Boots

Boots aren’t typically a summer footwear choice, but once fall comes, they’re all we wear. A bold pair in an unexpected color or material can bring your wardrobe from summer to fall.

Fun Knitwear

Like boots, knitwear is another fall staple, and it’s not typically worn in the summer. During this in-between time, start incorporating knitwear in fun prints and bright colors into your outfit. Sweater vests are the perfect piece to pull out of your closet!

Statement Tights

Pair statement tights in bold patterns, colors, and print with mini dresses and mini skirts to keep you a bit warmer while getting the most out of your summer pieces.

Color Clashing

Wear colors together that used to be huge fashion no-nos like pink and red and brown and black. It’s time to color clash!

Unique Blouses

One-of-a-kind pieces in their closet and unique blouses are a great place to start. Look for tops with tie-dye, lace, and fringe details.