5 trendy hanging chairs you can place outdoors

Image via appleandoaknash/Instagram

Decorate your outdoor pad with these stylish and functional hanging chairs:

Birdcage chairs

You can combine your outdoor pastimes with such chairs. These kinds of chairs came out in the middle of the 20th century and you can use them for swinging and sitting. Choose a style which fits the theme and the color scheme of your own pad.

Anthropologie hanging chair

You’ll definitely become intrigued with this chair. The Knotted Melati made by Anthropologie has knots, ties, and a relaxing, earthy feel. It’s definitely one to consider for those who are more laid back.



Imagine how comfortable it would be to sit in a hanging chair that’s like a tent too. This is from high-quality canvas that’s natural as well as weatherproof. The chair even comes in 2 sizes so you can choose the one that will suit your needs.


This popular brand just came out with its hip hanging chair. It has an intricate backdrop as well as cup holders on the sides. Talk about relaxation and convenience!

Serend Hanging Chair

This cool hanging chair has a basket that’s egg-shaped much like the early designs in the 1970s. It’s handwoven using wicker but with a modern upgrade.