5 Ways to Wear Anklets This Summer

Ways to Wear Anklets This Summer
Photo by Marianna from Pexels

Believe it or not, anklets are popular again and they are the trendiest accessory you can buy this summer. This piece of jewelry is more versatile than we usually think, so here are five cool ways to wear them this season.

Chunky Gold

Chunky jewelry is growing in popularity this year, and it’s the perfect trend to embrace if you really want to be noticed at the beach. A chunky gold anklet is a nice statement accessory that will be everywhere this summer.


Beaded jewelry is one of those trends that will bring back childhood memories, and it’s great if you want to add a splash of color to your look this summer.


These layered anklets will work well with literally any outfit and add a touch of charm to your summer look.

Over Socks

Yes, wearing anklets over socks sounds like a silly idea, but it actually looks really cool! This is an easy and creative way to elevate your sporty outfits and wear your favorite anklet everywhere.


Looking for subtle and romantic accessories for your summer outfits? Dainty golden anklets are great for making your outfits effortlessly chic.