$850 Platform Crocks by Balenciaga: Ugly or Awesome?

Image by @arabs_trends / Instagram

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga sent their platform crocs on the runway half a year ago and they recently become available on their website and in stores. Price tag: $850. For a pair of rubber crocks? You read that right.

But as much as the idea of platform crocs was initially hated by the public and the press, Balenciaga apparently knew what they are doing. As soon as the shoes became available for purchase on their website, the collection immediately sold out. Numerous fans found them chic and unique, so they didn’t hesitate to pay what’s needed to own one pair.

The shoes are currently available on their site, if anyone is wondering. They were initially available in hot pink and dark tan colors, but there’s also a black option now. The variety of jibbitz you can attach to them makes them completely customizable to personal style.

Would you wear platform crocs or find them ridiculous?