Air-Dried Hair is the Next Big Thing

Woman with wet hair
Photo by Fleur Kaan on Unsplash

A year of social distancing has brought us many unexpected fashion trends. Many of us refuse to wear non-comfortable clothes now or to spend hours doing our hair and makeup, yet we still want to look nice and presentable. When it comes to hair, air-drying is the latest trend and it’s amazing for several reasons.

Effortless Look

Air-drying your hair will give you that effortlessly chic look that’s not easy to achieve. Our expectations about what effortless hair should look like are finally in tune with reality, so it doesn’t take hours, hot tools, and dozens of styling products to achieve it. Whether your hair is curly, straight, or wavy, celebrate it by wearing it in its natural shape.


When you don’t use tools like hair straightener and curler to do your hair, you’re not damaging it in any way. This means you’ll be able to grow out healthier hair without too much trouble, which sounds absolutely amazing.


It may take a few hours for your hair to dry naturally, but you don’t need to actively do anything. You’re free for other activities while your hair is drying so start thinking of the ways to enjoy all that extra time!