Apple Is Making a Show Based on “Foundation” Book Series by Isaac Asimov

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

Apple is getting serious with landing contract for its upcoming original streaming service. After announcing the production of Amazing Stories reboot, a space opera by Ron Moore, and multiple series by Reese Witherspoon, they have now presented the latest project – the Foundation series based on Isaac Asimov’s books.

Foundation tells the story of a huge galactic empire’s fall and a group of scientists who are trying to preserve knowledge and restore civilization. The books were first published in the 1940s in Astounding Science Fiction.

The project of turning the books into a serious is pretty ambitious, and that’s why it hasn’t been done before. The plot takes place over hundreds of years, characters are constantly changing, and it mostly consists of conversation, with very little action. It will be quite interesting to see how Apple will handle this.