Are Food Collaborations the Next Big Thing in the Beauty World?

Cosmetics brands sometimes come up with makeup collaborations that we could never see coming but teaming up with movie studios and social media influencers are no longer their only obsession. Food collaborations are suddenly popping up everywhere, but is this trend here to stay?

The latest team-up that falls under this category comes in the form of HipDot’s Reese’s makeup line. The chocolate-inspired drop features eyeshadow palettes, lip balms, and brush duo that mostly feature neutral colors that align with the identity of Reese’s signature products.

HipDot’s new line may seem like an adorable treat for people who love food and makeup in equal measure, but it’s actually part of a growing trend. It was announced shortly after e.l.f. Cosmetics joined forces with Chipotle for a colorful eyeshadow palette that captures the lively and colorful spirit of this beloved fast-food chain.

Are these just one-off collaborations or do they point at the lucrative nature of food & makeup partnerships? It’s safe to assume we’ll get more team-ups like this as time goes by since they perfectly encapsulate the offbeat creativity that’s currently a huge hit in the cosmetics world. There’s even a makeup brand called Glamlite Cosmetics, that almost exclusively sells beauty products inspired by food, proving they can find huge success.