Are You Ready for Anti-Skinny Jean?

Jeans trends tend to come and go in cycles. Just when we got used to skinny jeans being basically the only option in the stores, things got interesting again and various new (or not so new) trends started popping up. Suddenly, we saw the rise of flare jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and many other types that, unlike skinny jeans, look good and feel comfortable on many different bodies.

In 2020, the anti-skinny jean trend culminated, especially in the form of a great selection of flare jeans.

Many designers like Paco Rabanne and Celine included flare jeans in their 2020 collections which clearly says that the era of skinny jeans is over. You can, of course, still find skinny jeans in stores and wear them if that’s your style, but if you’re someone who likes to follow the latest trends and switch things up often, you know what to do.

Below are some photos we picked from social media that highlight the beauty and variety of the anti-skinny jean trend. You’ll see that they are just as versatile and practical as any other jeans, so it may be time to try something new this fall!