Benefit’s Launch Has Entire Brow Wardrobe in One Tool

Image by benefitcosmetics/Instagram

Imagine the multi–ink pens from the ‘90s transformed into a brow product which has those multi–tasking qualities that can replace your entire brow wardrobe. Yeah, such a thing exists as a new Benefit’s launch that should relieve you from all the concerns about buying numerous brow products.

This thing is so amazing that it has four tools within the pen: two shades to fill in the brow, an “edge definer,” and a highlighter. There’s a light and deep brown shade, which should create a natural look by giving the dimension to your brow.

The brand is careful not to refer to this product as a pen or pencil because it doesn’t work the same as a pen or pencil. In fact it’s a pomade, so it’s important to understand that this tool isn’t going to create hair strokes as it’s meant to be blended.

All in all, you should use the opportunity and invest in such an amazing brow product as it will save your time and money as well.