Best Ways to Welcome Grecian Busts Into Your Home

An ancient Greek statue of a woman
Photo by Mika on Unsplash

Tiny replicas of ancient Greek busts are making their way into our homes this spring—and we’re ready to welcome them with open arms. If you’re not sure how to give this rising home décor trend a chance, here are some of the most popular Grecian bust-inspired items right now.

Grecian Candles

Candlemakers are getting extra creative with silicon molds this year and crafting candles that come in many seemingly complicated shapes—including the Grecian bust.

Grecian Jewelry Holder

If you don’t like décor pieces that only look nice, but serve no clear purpose, you’ll be happy to hear that Greek busts can be put to some good use. Hang some necklaces around them, and you’ll get an amazing jewelry holder.

Grecian Planters

Grecian busts often come in the shape of vases and planters, and this is currently their most popular form. After taking Etsy by storm, these planters are now mass-produced, and you can look for them at your favorite home décor store.

Grecian Décor

It’s not necessary for Grecian busts to serve a clear purpose. Even if you don’t use them to store your jewelry or plant your home garden, they’ll still look amazing and bring a sophisticated vibe to your home.