Cane Furniture is Making a Comeback

A cane chair
Photo by Deconovo on Unsplash

Cane furniture was super popular back in the ’70s and we’re happy to say that this chic décor trend is making a comeback. There are so many reasons to love cane furniture—it’s beautiful, eco-friendly and perfect if you want to add boho vibe to your home.

Patio furniture

These lovely boho chairs and a small table are perfect if you want to redecorate and make your backyard or even a balcony more cozy.


If you want to create the perfect boho-chic bedroom, this modern bed with cane bed frame is the best way to start.

Coffee Table

This lovely coffee table is a wonderful modern twist on this timeless décor trend.

Plant Stand

Need more room to store all your plants on the balcony or indoors? Embrace the cane decor trend with this chic plant stand that will decorate any room in your home.


Cane shelves is the perfect unique piece for decorating your bedroom or living room and you can use them for storing books, plants, photo frames, and many other things.


A simple but beautiful cane cabinet could be a perfect addition to your bedroom if you’re a fan of natural and sustainable materials and neutral colors.